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In view of the present economic reality of Nigeria as a nation.

Every year lots of small businesses that could have possibly grown into great establishments, are forced by this harsh economic reality to fold, throwing their owner into abject poorverty and distress. This is a disturbing reality that would threaten the work in progress of Africa's biggest dream of an industrialised economy. However discovering the challenges that threatens our economic dreams and aspiration is still the process of facing and solving it, because hence the problem is identified, solutions would be sought for and implemented, thus a clear path to our destination. In view of this reality, Greener Growth Multi links is here to provide a fertile ground for small businesses to thrive and grow greener. Our interest is to help small business owners or potential owners with non refundable Grant to either aid their businessess or as start up capital. This program is structured for small business owners of all type that needs funds to either support their businesses or start their planned businesses. This is relief package all small business owners and intending business owner.

We are offering these business owners a chance to grow their businesses with our non refundable grant of ₦1,000,000.

This could be an additional capital or a start up capital. This is a thoughtful programme that is sponsored by some well meaning Nigerians just to help financially struggling businesses to grow and thrive. We are just your helping hand

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